About us

We are a Mexican company, founded with the objective of implementing projects based on nanoscience and biotechnology in new materials.

We seek to transform problems into unique opportunities through innovative tools for the industry and academia.

We promote scientific and technological development with a special focus on its environmental impact.


BioPlaster Research

Scientific and technological impulse as the best route to achieve a responsible and sustainable economic development.

The use of oil as a raw material has led to two major environmental crises: plastic pollution and climate change. This has lead us to develop alternatives focused on greater sustainability in the medium and long term.

Taking into account the regional context, we are advancing in the development of bioplastic materials based on sargassum, which would allow us to give an effective use to the enormous amount of marine algae that concentrates on the coasts of the Caribbean Sea every year.

Our mission is not only the design of materials, but the responsible use of science and technology as a catalyst for social change, facilitating progress and bringing knowledge closer to the population.


(What do we do, why do we do it, or who do we do it for?)

  • To create biotechnology-based products that provide solutions to current and future environmental problems.
  • To consolidate a portfolio of advanced materials through biotechnological innovation based on marine algae.
  • To develop advanced materials that contribute to a sustained and sustainable regional economy.
  • Promote biotechnological innovation in Latin America to solve environmental problems.
  • To consolidate our position in the market with technologically advanced products such as biodegradable materials using nanotechnology to our advantage.


(How are we going to achieve our mission, what actions are necessary to achieve it?)

  • Design and develop advanced materials based on marine algae.
  • Develop and commercialize polymeric materials as an alternative to conventional polymers.
  • To add to the productive ecosystem of materials based on marine algae.
  • To be suppliers of biotechnological solutions in the smart polymer industry.


To consolidate our position as a reference in the integral development of advanced materials based on regenerative and sustainable raw materials, through technological innovation, while integrating benefits to the environment both in their production and in their final disposal.

Lines of action

  1. Promote the use of raw materials alternative to petroleum to manufacture goods with desired physical properties according to the market.
  2. Meet the needs of the bioplastics market from the design stages, raw materials of sustainable origin usage, physical and processing characteristics similar to those of conventional plastics, and end of their useful life (biodegradability).
  3. Promote investment in circular economy projects with a scientific-technological basis.
  4. To contribute to the growth and dissemination of basic and applied scientific research.

Our services are focused on satisfying two main needs:

  1. Generation of environmentally friendly materials throughout their useful life (from their design to their final disposal) following the principles of a Circular Economy.
  2. Design, manufacture and characterization of composites (nanoparticles and biomaterials) for their optimal commercialization in industrial, technological and academic sectors.

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