Startup focused on biomaterials development

Cutting-edge, regenerative and responsible nanoscience and biotechnology

Research and Development of advanced materials

We are a Research and Development company that was born to face the problems around the large amount of sargassum that arrives to the Caribbean Sea through science and technology.

We focus on real solutions to produce cutting-edge biodegradable materials.

We use nanotechnology and biotechnology to answer the current and future demands in the field of biomaterials for the many industries and academic research.

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BioPlaster Research

Mexican company, founded with the objective of promoting projects based on nanoscience and biotechnology.

We implement innovative processes and tools for the practical development of solutions in productive sectors of industry and academia, with special attention to the environment.


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Our Vision

We develop new technologies and materials from regenerative raw materials to replace petroleum-based plastics.

We offer theoretical and practical expertise to bring the benefits of nanoscience and biotechnology to different industrial sectors.

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Our Mission

To be the reference in Research and Development of advanced and bio-based materials using marine algae in Mexico, Latin America and the world through cutting-edge technology such as nanotechnology for the production of biodegradable materials.

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